• Caelan Bassett - Lead Host

    I'm looking for team mates who can help make a fun yet spicy take for a VR-centric show for the furry fandom. Send a DM me if you're interested!

    @CaelanBassett (Twitter) 
  • Video Editors

    This role would primarily involve piecing together recording and custom-made transition effects of content provided through our business servers. Love making fun and modern video content?

  • VR World/Game Designers

    You can't have VR worlds, avatars and content without game designers! If you know Unity, Blender, Unreal Engine or other platforms, let's see what we can make together! I'm interested in seeing what you can do!

  • Audio & DAW Composers

    Sound effects. Music for backgrounds, monologues and trailers. Normalization audio checks. High quality audio and sound levels are also important.

  • Social Media Teammates

    Every post, tweet, page, reply, comment, image and video attachment are central in getting the message out. Can you help provide effective communication on MetaFurs? Let's get chatting!

  • Scriptwriters

    Whether it's for news and comedy monologues - or helping write short stories for collaboration media - we're looking for someone to make fresh, humorous and crude skits and social media posts.

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