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Coming 2023:


Hosted by Caelan Basset 🦊 — A mature virtual reality show in the metaverse for Furries & Furry curious!

"Entertainment Fur You."

Get ready for a new kind of entertainment show and furry world. MetaFurs is a VR-focused entertainment show for Furries and the Furry curious, intended for mature audiences only; viewer discretion is advised!

MetaFurs aims to provide late night entertainment for the furry fandom and those that are furry curious. Without much of a content filter, you can expect comedy skits, animated mini series, music, merchandise and more from the MetaFurs studio located in Saint Anthros, Lincoln.

Saint Anthros will be an original metropolitan metaverse— a network of original VR worlds— intended to be the home of all the entertainment we plan to make that you can visit yourself!

Coming soon

V. H. Hess joins MetaFurs

The retro-inspired brand is coming back, refreshed for the meta verse and real life. Like vaporwave, synthwave and everything in between? Grab your popcorn and stay tuned, and you too can “get it #OnVHHess”! 📼

From MetaFurs Studio

All furry, no filter.

Fully voiced and acted for the metaverse, we will aim to provide entertainment for the masses online in a new format for more passionate expression of our inner selves. Cringe and spicy language won't stop us from providing fun content to you!

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Want to Join the Team?

Caelan Bassett

I'm the lead host seeking teammates who can help make a fun yet spicy take for a VR-centric show for the furry fandom. Send a DM on TELEGRAM or TWITTER @CaelanBassett if you're interested!

Video Editors

This role would primarily involve piecing together recording and custom-made transition effects of content provided through our business servers. Love making fun and modern video content?

VR World Designers

You can't have VR worlds, avatars and metaverse content without game designers! If you know Unity, Blender, Unreal Engine or other platforms to make VR worlds or designing the grand universe/world map, let's see what we can make together! I'm interested in seeing what you can do!

Audio & DAW Composers

Sound effects. Music for backgrounds, monologues and trailers. Normalization audio checks. High quality audio and sound levels are also important.

Social Media Teammates

Every post, tweet, page, reply, comment, image and video attachment are central in getting the message out. Can you help provide effective communication on MetaFurs? Let's get chatting!


Whether it's for news and comedy monologues - or helping write short stories or collaboration media - we're looking for someone to make fresh, humorous and crude skits and social media posts with little filter.

MetaFurs Studio

646 Prism Avenue
Saint Anthros, Lincoln 420-069

Front Desk Hours:
Mon - Fri, 8:30am - 6:30pm
Saturday, 8:30am - 6:30pm
Sunday, 10:00am - 2:00pm